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  1980 Camaro Color Combination Availability and Material Sample Charts
Note: Material Samples are for reference purposes only. Colors may not be exactly as pictured due browser restrictions.
11 White B-Bk-C-O-T 16,090
15 Silver B-Bk-C-O 14,420
19 Black B-Bk-C-O-T 16,291
24 Bright Blue Metallic B-Bk-O 16,013
29 Dark Blue Metallic B-Bk-C-O-T 17,399
40 Lime Green Metallic Bk-O 1,258
51 Bright Yellow Bk-O-T 3,174
57 Gold Metallic Bk-C-T 9,431
67 Dark Brown Metallic Bk-O-T 10,726
72 Red Bk-C-O-T 7,795
76 Dark Claret Metallic Bk-C-O-T 8,507
79 Red Orange Bk-O-T 4,374
80 Bronze Metallic Bk-O-T 12,089
84 Charcoal Metallic Bk-C-O-T 14,437
(RS Only) Bronze Metallic with Dark Brown Metallic N/A
(RS Only) Bright Blue Metallic with Dark Blue Metallic N/A
(RS Only) Red with Black N/A
(RS Only) Silver with Black N/A
(RS Only) Lime Green Metallic with Black N/A
(RS Only) Silver with Charcoal Metallic N/A
Additional Notes
B = Blue
Bk = Black
C = Carmine
c = cloth
Dlx = deluxe interior
O = Oyster
Std = standard interior
T = Tan
v = vinyl

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