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  Distinguishing Changes from previous years

Here you will find a list of various Distinguishing Changes from Previous Year.

This makes for a great way of distinguishing from previous years.

These changes can range from Emblem placements, to unique color scheme, from new features, to hidden changes..

You never know, you may learn something you didn't know before about your favorite Camaro year.



Below you will find a number of changes to this Camaro year that will help you distinguish between this Camaro year and other. Some changes may be able to spot easily and from a distance while others may require you to do some close-up visual checking.
Rims: BOTH the "dog-dish" hubcaps and the PO1 full wheel covers were NO longer available.
Rims: Rims: The Base Coupe "Full Wheel Cover" that looked quite similar to the one for the Berelintta was NO longer available.
Features: A NEW Add-on for Camaro's was the "Power Hatch Closing Mechanism". It would pull the glass closed but simply grabbing onto the latch on the hatch and tugging it safely into a locked position. This prevented owners having to carefully slam the hood to close it. This ALSO had another interesting feature. The power mechanism would automatically release the hatch slightly when either side door was opened, and retighted when either side door was closed. This allowed trapped air inside the car to escape through the rear hatch so the doors did not need to be slammed to close.
Models: The Berlinetta no longer had a console-mounted clock, rather the clock was now intergraded into the radio instead (except for the Base Coupe's AM radio.
Features: The Berlinetta now had an electronic-tuning AM/FM stereo with a digital clock, dual horns, electronic instrumentation, a roof console, full wheel covers and a tachometer.
Options: For a limited time only, customers who ordered the B18 (ORNAMENTATION, INTR, DELUX) option could get a specially designed power seat for the driver. This seat was developed by Chevrolet engineers along with Lear Siegler. What was unique about this power-seat was the fact that it had an inflatable bladder to adjust lumbar, thigh, lateral and verticle support, and adjustable lateral support on the cushio and backrest. The passenger side would get an identicle seat except it was not automatic and featured adjustable head restraint and recliner features.
Models: Z28's and IROC-Z's equipped with manual transmissions had now had Ramsag leather boots rather than the vinyl shifter boots used previously.
Models: All Z28's with the manual transmission got an upshift light at the far right of the warning-lamp console.
Models: All Z28's with manual transmission also had the parking-brake telltale moved to the far left.
Models: All Z28's "Check Engine" now said "Service Engine Soon".
Models: All Berlinetta's the low-coolant warning lamp now glowed RED instead of YELLOW.
Models: Z28's & IROC-Z's LATE in the 1986 year got speedometers that registered up to 145mph instead of the 85mph. The other models kept the 85mph speedometer.
Features: All Camaro's got an air conditioning cutout switch, for use when full power was needed, and an upshift indicator was added to stick shift models.
Features: All Camaro's received a new soft-feel leather steering wheel, shift lever and parking brake lever.
Features: This was the 1st year a 3rd brake light (CHMSL) was introduced, and was on ALL models. ALL models had it was placed on top leading edge of the rear hatch-glass.
Features: All Camaro's now were painted with a new type of paint called "Basecoat/Clearcoat". This will be mentioned on the RPO decal using the code "BC CC".
Features: On the Base Coupe, the rear emblem on the right which read "Camaro" NOW reads "Chevrolet".
Models: For 1986, ALL "IROC-Z" decal located at FORWARD part of doors.
Models: Pinstriping for ALL 1986 Camaro IROC-Z's consisted af a black stripe on BOTTOM, and 2 thinner stripes (1 body colored, 1 colored) on the TOP.
Models: 1986 was the 1ST year to feature lower panel pin-striping on the Base Coupe. This was unique for the 1986 year in which the stripes consisted of 2 thick pinstripes.
Models: 1986 was the 1ST year to feature BLACK headlight pockets for the Base Coupe.
Models: Base Coupe Rally Wheels changed to silver 15 X 7" wheels rather than 14 X 7" as used previously.
Models: The Berlinetta model was discontinued early in the year. Only 4,479 Berlinetta sold.
Features: This year, the fog lamps were now available on the both the Base Coupe and Berlinetta.
Models: "CAMARO" front grille assembly of the IROC was now available on the regular Z28.
Features: The LG4 305 V8 engine equipped Camaro's received an electric cooling fan.
Features: Records indicate that 74 L69 (5.0 liter H.O.) Camaro's were built. In the 1986 Camaro brochure, the L69 engine was as being available however it was put on strict restriction. Available on manual transmissions only. It was soon discontinued due to fuel boiling problems.
Features: The automatic gearshift plate had all white, large letters/numbers, and a smooth, rounded slider. (This would change for 1988)
Features: New for 1986 was the fact that this was the 1ST year to feature the 1982 - 1984 Z28 tail-lights for the Base Coupe. These tail-lights featured a gridded pattern that split each lamp into 6 horizontal rectangles (thick black line through the middle).
Features: Tail-lights for the Berlinetta Model had a gridded pattern that split each lamp into 6 horizontal rectangles (black line with 1 gold pinstriping above & below it through the middle of the lights). The Berlinetta tail-lights looked like there were 2 more sets of lights however this was a unique feature for the Berlinetta only where the sections here were painted brush chrome. [Same as previous year]
Features: New rear tail-lights were introduced for both the Z28 and the IROC-Z. These new tail-lights featured a gridded pattern that split each lamp into 12 horizontal rectangles (2 thin black lines through the middle) [Same as previous year].
Features: Door handles for all models were black no matter what model it was. [Same as previous year]

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