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Questions and comments about various aftermarket parts and companies who sells these parts. You could also review sellers you've purchased from.

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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:46 am
Minimum of 200 Posts
Minimum of 200 Posts
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Joined: Thu Jun 29, 2006 5:25 pm
Location: pawtucket, ri
Posts: 318
i ordered 2 1980 camaro rear seat pans sometime in may 2007. they sent me 67-69 style pans a month later. i held onto them for a little while because i wasnt ready to put them in. then, i go to put them in, and i realize the misconception. so i called them, and now they said they dont even stock 80 camaro rear seat pans, so they would send my money back once i sent back the parts. i sent back the parts on aug 17th, with a note inside informing them of my address and to remind them of the refund amount. i have called them countless times, and here i am almost 4 months later, and they still havent sent me the money back. they keep giving me this bullspit story about how they dont have the funding to refund my money back, but i explain to them using very bad words that i dont want their money, i simply want mine back, which i should have gotten in august.

stay away from showcars bodyparts, they are located in canadia

i would like to punch these guys in the face.
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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 11:02 am
Minimum of 1000 Posts
Minimum of 1000 Posts
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Joined: Thu Jan 05, 2006 7:39 am
Location: Pace, FL
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Where Did You Hear Of Online search
I would be pissed off at them too. This needs to be moved the company review section.
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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 12:08 pm
Minimum of 600 Posts
Minimum of 600 Posts
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Joined: Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:37 am
Location: Caldwell Ohio
Posts: 643
Where Did You Hear Of
thanks for the heads up and thats crappy about them its bs
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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:51 pm
Minimum of 600 Posts
Minimum of 600 Posts
Joined: Fri Oct 05, 2007 9:58 am
Location: Athens, GA
Posts: 675
Where Did You Hear Of your mom
This is on their site:



What would Jesus do? Apparently scam people for money.
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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 4:22 pm
** Administrator **
** Administrator **
Joined: Wed Feb 13, 2002 10:36 am
Location: Burnaby, BC. Canada
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Moved to Reviews
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