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EXCLUSIVE Information on the upcoming V5.0

Problems with your Suspension, Chassis, or Brakes? Problems fitting your quarterl panel? Suspension problems? Fiberglass hood fitting problems? Steering problems? Here is where you'll find the answer.

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Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:18 am
** Administrator **
** Administrator **
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Where Did You Hear Of I am the Administrator :-)
Hello All,

Back in the summer of 2011 we set forth to re-invent into an all new V5.0 with a whole new look, feel, and ease of use along with many new features. Originally this would have taken around a year to complete however many challenges we introduced that has taken this long and we are still working on it. A number of setbacks unfortunately came into play which included issues with programmers, time, finances, moving, family emergency, as well having to completely re-start over 2 times has resulted in a much delayed opening. Rest assured, V5.0 has been in progress and continues to be since it began in 2011.

The set backs has actually been good as it's lead to an even faster, more efficient website. One of the MAJOR changes during this delay has been completely re-starting over again from the bottom-up with Zend Frameworks. This delay has also allowed us to include a lot more handy features both visual and interactive. Below is a list of just SOME of the features:


- Fully interactive allowing for us to easily and dynamically update the website unlike before where pages had to be individually written.
- Live news feed and Camaro News will be featured on the main opening page
- A Featured Camaro from the information database will be showcased
- Recent 5 submissions to the Camaro Gallery and Classifieds Ads
- Easy to user decoders such as RPO and VIN Decoders as well as quick links to pages of the Camaro Information Database
- We also are going to include a special area of the website where you all can read all about the past changes from the day it opened little over 16 years ago (December 1, 1998)

[ YOU get to be involved]

There will be a feature added to many of the pages of the website in which after you log in, can submit delations/editing/updating for review for content on the website. For those edits that were verified and approved, we will make the necessary changes and showcase a Thank you notice at the top of the page(s) which your edit(s) took place. This is in hopes to allow you all to help make this website as informative and accurate as possible. It worked for Wikipedia ;-)


This will be a brand new and very powerful area of the website. You can perform the following:

- Select a specific Year, Model, and/or Build (Currently over 4,000 builds available)
- Search via filtering with a various number of different options including Standard Features which allows for much greater control of getting exactly what you are looking for.


This is the heart of the new site that will contain all the information needed to research your Camaro needs. Content can be viewed based on a particular YEAR, MODEL, or BUILD.

- Camaro model year History
- Dealer introduction date
- At-A-Glance view of the various specs of models in this year
- Camaro model year Facts
- Camaro Model year Historical Footnotes
- Camaro Model year Distinguishing changes [Typed]
* Production Numbers
* Vast amount of specs will be available which includes Engine, Transmission, Body Exterior, Interior, Capacity, Performance & Handling, Mechanical, Dimensions & Weight...
* COMPARE: Any of the about to any model of that year
- Full list of specs for all available factory Engines and Transmissions
* Large list of*yearly Factory Options along with info, RPO Code, Quantity & cost
* Break down on Standard Features and well as Available Options for each model.
* Exterior & Interior Color Codes along with Quantity
* Exterior color sample pics
* Trim Code Suffix Codes
* Wheel Color Codes
* Stripe Color Codes
* Vinyl Color Codes & Colors
* Convertible Top Color Codes & Colors
* Carpet Color Codes & Colors
* Interior Combination Availability Codes
* Material Sample pics
* Wheel choices
* Wheel choice sample image pics
* Exterior and Interior Photo's. Featuring 20 Photo's per Camaro model which consists of 10 Exterior and 10 Interior for each model with a total of currently over 500 Models in the database from 1967 - 2015 for a total of (currently) space for over 10,000 photo's.
* Camaro Video's
* Engine Suffix Codes
* Rear Axle decoding
* Engine VIN Decoder
* Revised ALL-YEAR VIN Decoder

I am also contemplating on bringing back the calendars which drew a ton of traffic in it's days and might be a good way to help get the ball rolling once we open the new site.

We are working on updating the original VIN decoder that is on the current site (v4.0). We are looking to incorporating a much details and thorough reporting

And of course some more surprises are in-store for the new site.

Stay tuned for exclusive sample pictures of what is in the works and of course more information as it becomes available.

1992 Camaro Z28. Blue/silver, Custom Blue/Silver Leather seats, Rebuilt Engine, Cammed, Headers, TT ][ Rims ...
Over 3,500 Camaro Trims, 1,600+ Photo Spotter's Guide, 2,500+ Std. & Opt. Accessories, 3,000+ Factory Options, Forums, Decoders, Reviews, Classifieds...
3,500+ Camaro Information Database



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