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New at this, suggestions greatly appreciated

Post questions and answers about your engine problems.. What is this ticking sound I hear while starting? Engine not turning over? Problems with your battery... alternator? Find out here.

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Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:46 pm
Joined: Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:57 pm
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Where Did You Hear Of
Hey! I just bought a '77 z28 as a project car. I am pretty much going to restore it completely. What are some important things to look out for? By the way, i have never done this before, so any help is great.

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:45 am
* $1 - $50 *
* $1 - $50 *
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Joined: Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:49 pm
Location: Andover, United Kingdom
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Where Did You Hear Of Abob visited me in a dream and told me about it.
Hi and welcome to the site. You got any pics so we can see what kind of condition it's in?

I would decide what type of restore you are going to do before you do anything. A lot of people find that if they plan to do a basic cosmetic and mechanical restore, they end up getting sucked in to doing a lot more than that by the end of it!
1994/L Z28 6SPDMAN, K&N CAI, Jet PCHIP. Flowmaster Cat back, 52mm Edelbrock TB, Pacesetter mid-tube headers.


Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:54 pm
Minimum of 400 Posts
Minimum of 400 Posts
Joined: Wed May 28, 2008 8:28 pm
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Where Did You Hear Of saw it on google
Plan it out.....don't buy all the parts at once wait for some to come on sale....if your gonna reuse the wires label them so you know what there for
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85 trans am- 355 sbc, wc t5...damn near everything new...
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