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cd stuck in player..96 camaro

Post questions and answers about various Electronic problems. What chip should I use? Need assistance in wiring up your alarm system? Assistance with setting up your new auto CD Player or video? Here is where you will find your answer.

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Posted: Thu May 08, 2008 7:14 am
Joined: Sun Sep 11, 2005 7:07 pm
Location: Memphis Tenn.
Posts: 17
Hi.96 Camaro.3.8..Can anyone tell me how to remove a cd stuck in the delco remy cd player.I put it in the other day and the radio stayed on instead of switching to cd player and the cd stuck inside.It's like the eject buttom dosen't work..For a long time it has acted funny..Like it would sometimes send an error message and spit out the cd instead of playing.

Posted: Thu May 08, 2008 11:47 am
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Joined: Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:49 pm
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Some CD players will automatically eject the CD if the power is removed and restored - not all of them though. Pull the CD player circuit fuse for a few seconds and put it back in. Might work. Make sure you have the code for it though in case it needs it after. There may also be a small hole on the front somewhere you can stick a paper clip in to eject the CD. I don't know what the Delco's look like so these are just general tips from my experience with stuck CD's.
1994/L Z28 6SPDMAN, K&N CAI, Jet PCHIP. Flowmaster Cat back, 52mm Edelbrock TB, Pacesetter mid-tube headers.


Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 12:57 pm
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Joined: Tue May 16, 2006 10:54 am
Location: Langley, BC, Canada
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Well, I have a way that might get it out (but I don't know what Delco CD players look like) and if you care about the CD thats in it then it might work. If you dont want to scratch your CD then I'm not sure what you can do (Aside from what was said above) But you can always grab a pair of tweezers and force the cd out by pulling it (but like I said that might put a nice gash in your cd).
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Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 2:58 pm
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Joined: Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:07 pm
Location: langley bc, canada
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is it reading that thier is a cd in it at all? it should have a icon or something that will show if it has a cd loaded. if its not shoing that try putting the tip of another cd in to the opening. just fair enought for the player to try and "grab" it, this might trick the player in to accepting the cd that is already in it. or you could try hiting the button that switches between the radio and cd player till it registers the cd.


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