Click, Sit back, and have a chuckle on us.

Here we present to you a variety of vehicle related humor to our automotive loving visitors.

Disclaimer: For Entertainment purposes only. Not to be taken seriously :-)


Here you will learn all about the webmaster's custom embroidered Camaro jackets. These two custom Camaro jackets range from $300 & $800.

Both of these jackets are custom digitized embroidered for the webmaster and his Camaro.


Here you will find a variety of Camaro graphics. Graphics such as Post cards, Scans, Decals, Embroidery, and more that we have collected over the years. We will continue to add more as time goes on.


Ever wanted to get your own personalized license plate but just could not come up with that perfect name for your license?

This page was created for you. Here you will find a selection of sample personalized license plates as well as a large list of ideal names.


Here is a special page on Camarosource.ca which presents you with images of Ill-fated Camaro's and examples of what speed can do.

PLEASE from all of us here at Camaro Source, please drive safely and obey the rules of the road, we DON'T want to have this happen to you!


The webmaster had his 1992 Camaro  duplicated in 1:18th scale diecast.

What is amazing about this replica is it's attention to detail. Everything on the outside and the interior of the Camaro has been custom built and duplicated.

Learn how to get yours done too!